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Hi, my name is Marrioth , welcome to Caracala. I created this space to provide a hybrid service encompassing various disciplines of my practice, focusing today on the materiality of space rejuvenation and interiors, art installations, photography, art object and creative direction.. Join me as we explore a selection of my favorite projects to date.

Interior design & renovation service-

East Hamptons residence

The East Hamptons Residence located on the heart of a dense forest stands minutes away from the traditionally chic town of East Hamptons. Nestled amidst a tapestry of evergreens, mature trees, and lush plants, this villa boasts an exterior cladded in black, offering a striking contrast to its predominantly white interiors.

The very essence of this project revolves around the dialogue fostered through continuous panoramic windows merging the outside with the inside spaces filled with natural light and the breathtaking natural landscape that already exists on the property. caracala executed the full renovation of the house, the interior design and art production guided by the pursuit of creating a transformative retreat that elevates the country experience with a profound sense of expansion inspired by nature, the real star of the show.

Interior design & renovation service-

Scottsdale residence

The key resource used to develop the concept for this house was color. Color was employed to construct a narrative of emotions and dimensionality. Each room serves as a stage for a solo journey, meticulously designed for one person.

Special hand-painted techniques were developed to accentuate the unusually tall walls of the living room and kitchen space, as well as to conceal a hidden TV within a wooden box in the living room. The master bedroom features a unique ceiling design, and there's even an office with chalkboard closet doors designed for mathematical exploration.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of this project was the creation of custom art pieces for the majority of the rooms. This house has transitioned from being a family residence to becoming an invigorated space for a film industry savior, a world traveler, and a cosmopolitan client who will never feel alone or bored in his home.

ai services

prompt eng for brands

AI makes me feel very funny $ and metallic, trying to use it with ethic but I am not sure about where this is going I still being for good or bad my own enemy and my own Art Director.

photo service

I have only done two important things on my photographic journey: 1.- I am an immigrant who was commissioned to photograph the First Lady of the United States in Arizona in 2022. 2.-But most importantly, I photograph what I want, even if my mom doesn't understand anything about my imagery.

3.Respect sometimes paralyzes me, and I want to create a photobook called 'Querido Astronauta.’




art installation


I worked as a commissioned artist on the studio's creation of the walls for this interactive art room and collaborated on the construction of six other rooms for the same client.

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